My Philosophy

I love to bake and share food. My vision is to inspire you in cake form with the taste of natural goodness! It still has to taste amazing for it to pass a taste test with me (no cardboard tasting recipes need apply!). I also love to show that by cooking with more natural ingredients, you cake get the health benefits as well as the taste...without having to compromise!


My Story

I grew up with my Mum being gluten-free for health reasons, have several friends who are coeliac and have also been gluten-free on/off for years myself. I understand how frustrating it is for the only option in a cafe to be a dry brownie or the failsafe flapjack! Things are so much better than they were, but they can be so much better!



Chief baker and founder

I am a Physiotherapist by training, with a passion for food! I've always been fascinated in how the body works as a whole, rather than individual parts. Over recent years I have become even more interested in how the food we eat, even the energetics of it, can influence our health and how we feel. I love to be found on the water on my Paddleboard or in the kitchen!

Next Step...

Lets talk about cake!