She is naturally beautiful with elegance and poise. Fully iced or semi-naked she can be dressed with flowers from your wedding bouquet or to fit your party theme.


Fruity and naked! According to Ancient Greek mythology, Venus, the goddess of love visited the Isle of Cytheraea, though was ashamed to show herself because she was naked. To hide her nakedness, she hid behind a myrtle tree. Venus later adopted the tree as her favourite and it became sacred to her. Myrtle flowers are thought to inspire lasting love.


In Roman mythology Juno was the protector of women and marriage. June is bright; colourful and fun. She is named in memory of my Auntie June who embodied these traits. Naked; semi-naked or iced, using natural colouring from fruit or vegetables.

Natural happiness

For me, food is about pleasure and love. It should be shared and enjoyed...always baked with love!

Have your cake and eat it!

I believe everyone should be able to enjoy cake! It's my mission to get natural and gluten free cakes to taste as good (if not better) than their traditional counterparts!

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